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What's New

We recommend making a reservation for Joysound or Live DAM. Japanese machines are limited. 
Regular Hours
MON-FRI : 7:30PM-1:00AM (Night Time Only)
SAT-SUN :Open All Day 7:00AM-1:00AM
Just call us to make a reservation @408-865-0955


with 10% to 25% OFF DISCOUNTED PRICE

We are selling gift certificates with 10 to 25 % discounted price.  For more detail, you can click on the above link, that takes you to the GoFundMe page.
Stay safe and healthy. Hope to see you soon!
Gamba KTV

We are a Japanese styled “Karaoke Box” (or “KTV” in some countries).

At Gamba KTV, you get your own private room to sing as many songs as you want to!  We are very family friendly: No alcohol served/allowed & it is a safe and clean environment! You can use Gamba KTV in many ways: practicing for your next Karaoke Night, birthday party, night out with friends, family events, team building activities and so on….   

How it works 

1.      Tell us your choice of systems and/or languages, how many people
2.      Enjoy Karaoke in a private room 
3.      Pay for the time you stayed at the end   

We have two different systems: Japanese System (Joysound/DAM) and English System. English Systems have songs in 16 different languages!! For Anime fans, Joysound is highly recommended. Customers are assigned a private room according to their choice of the system & size of the party. If you have more than 15 people, we recommend our Party Room.Party Room can accommodate around 25 people comfortably. It has a big projector screen and a disco ball!  Don’t worry about payment at the time of check-in—payment is due at check-out.   

How we charge

We charge in 5-min intervals of the hourly rate for anybody age 6 and older in the room (no matter if they sing or not). Age 5 and younger can enjoy Karaoke free of charge if accompanied by adults. No cleaning fee/ service charge/minimum drink order is required.* 

*Cleaning/Damage fee may apply when customers fail to help us keep the room in order or damage any equipment.   


We highly recommend making reservations on weekends, holidays, & large groups. Just tell us when (date and time), how many people, choice of system, your name and phone number. No credit card is required to reserve a room. If you change plans and need to cancel or modify existing reservation, simply call and let us know!  

♪We do not serve or allow alcohol. 
♪We serve non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda, tea, etc) but if you choose to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages, there is a drink charge of $1 per person before 8pm and $2 per person after 8pm. 
♪Outside food is allowed to bring at no charge 

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